Tensioned Cover


Kiwa / Komo certified system


SFS Tensioned cover

(Kiwa certificate number 55382)
The SFS Tensioned cover is an excellent solution for covering storage systems. This cover can be used for all types of silos. The tensioned cover is available in the colours grey RAL 7046 and green RAL 6005 and in various foil qualities.

Technical specifications:

Foil: Reinforced PVC 850 gram/m² or 1100 gram/m² UV resistant.

Standard angle of inclination: 17°, possibly different if required.

Centre column: Hardwood, stainless steel 316 or concrete

Base plate: Steel silo interior: Stainless steel 304

Top plate: Steel silo interior: Stainless steel 316

Spanners: Steel silo exterior: Stainless steel 304

Flounce tube: galvanised


SFS Foil systems:
5-10 year, depending on the situation

Legal inspection requirements in the Netherlands.We recommend that you also adhere to these requirements outside of the Netherlands, for a system which will function properly for years to come.

SFS Tensioned cover is customised

The SFS Tensioned cover is manufactured based on your requirements or based on the legal specifications & always complies with the requirements and laws applicable in the country or region. The number of manholes, as well as the size of these manholes, can be incorporated according to your needs. In short, customised design, so you can get the perfect tensioned cover for your silo.

Kiwa / Komo Certification

We are one of the few suppliers with a Kiwa / Komo certificate for our systems. This is achieved in accordance with Eurocode. You can locate our certificates on the Kiwa website under BRL 2342.

Everything under one roof

Working with our own assembly team or assembly under supervision, and using a supporting committee for the application of building permits and / or environmental notifications. We relieve you of all your concerns!

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