Steel Panel Silo


Kiwa / Komo certified system



Suitable for use on a surface with less carrying capacity

No concrete floor, foundation required

Easy to install and move

Short construction period

Suitable for every environment, and less striking because of the dark green colour (RAL 6009)

Mix Options

Mix hatch

Rotatable stainless steel nozzle, can be operated from the side

Mixer through the wall

Electric mixer


SFS Foil systems:
5-10 year, depending on the situationInspection
SFS Corrugated steel panel silo / Gulfsteel( Kiwa certificate number 49851 )

The SFS Corrugated steel panel silo is used for manure storage, amongst other things. The volume can vary from 124 m³ to 2,486 m³. The height and diameter can vary.


Legal inspection requirements in the Netherlands.We recommend that you also adhere to these requirements outside of the Netherlands, for a system which will function properly for years to come.

Kiwa / Komo Certification

We are one of the few suppliers with a Kiwa / Komo certificate for our systems. This is achieved in accordance with Eurocode. You can locate our certificates on the Kiwa website under BRL 2342.

Technical specifications

The corrugated panels are protected by a double layered system which consists of a zink layer to which a coating has been applied. This double layered system consists of a zink layer to which a 'super vinyl thermoplastic' coating, called Plastisol, has been applied. Felt is located on the inside to protect the liner, which will be suspended in the silo. This silo can be covered with a floating cover. The liner and floating cover are available in various foil types. The silo is emptied through the discharge- / filling point, the 250 mm pipe is located beneath the silo or over the edge, the connection is 6” or 8`. This is based on the requirements / on what is allowed.

Everything under one roof

Working with our own assembly team or assembly under supervision, and using a supporting committee for the application of building permits and / or environmental notifications. We relieve you of all your concerns!

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