Mesh Silo


Kiwa / Komo certified system



Suitable for use on a surface with less carrying capacity

No concrete floor, foundation required

Easy to install and move

Short construction period

Mix options

Mix hatch

Rotatable stainless steel nozzle, adjustable from the side

Mixer through the wall

Electric mixer


SFS Foil systems:
5-10 year, depending on the situation
SFS Mesh silo (Kiwa certificate number 55381)

The Silo System is ideal for a quick and flexible storage solution. Some models can be built under the Prior Notification Scheme meaning planning permission can be granted in 28 days. They can be built very quickly, 1 day to prepare the site with no concrete or stone needed, and construction can be completed in 2 days at which point they can be filled immediately.

The store can be easily dismantled and relocated if required.

The SFS Mesh silo can be used for manure storage amongst other things. The volume can vary from 192m3 to 1246m3 and the silo height is 3m as a standard feature.

In terms of planning procedure the mesh silos can be built with a 28 prior notification application. This straighforward application allows the silos to be built without full planning. This is due to them been considered a temporary structure which could be relocated to another site in time.

Due to the simple design the construction prior to filling the silo would expect to take 3 days. This allows for 1 day to dig the earth circle on which the silo sits. A further 2 days to build the silo and it is ready for use.

Technical specifications

The silo consists of a galvanised exterior positioned on tiles. The interior is equipped with 1 ½ mm thick HDPE foil to protect the liner. This silo is finished with a floating cover as a standard feature. The lining and floating cover are available in various foil types. The silo is emptied through the discharge- / filling point, the 250 mm pipe is located beneath the silo or over the edge, the connection is 6” or 8`. This is based on the requirements / on what is allowed.


Legal inspection requirements in the Netherlands.We recommend that you also adhere to these requirements outside of the Netherlands, for a system which will function properly for years to come.

Kiwa / Komo Certification

We are one of the few suppliers with a Kiwa / Komo certificate for our systems. This is achieved in accordance with Eurocode. You can locate our certificates on the Kiwa website under BRL 2342.

Everything under one roof

Working with our own assembly team or assembly under supervision, and using a supporting committee for the application of building permits and / or environmental irregularities. We relieve you of all your concerns!

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