Lagoon Mixer


The SFS Foil mixer is available in the following 3 types, amongst others:

Type 6: length of frame is 6 metres.

Type 9: length of frame is 9 metres.

Type 11: length of frame is 11 metres.

Technical specifications

Bearings: maintenance-free ball bearings.

Sealing: Seal lip with stainless steel spring and stainless steel socket.

Capacity: +/- 3350 m³/hour at 540 revolutions per minute.

Required capacity: 57kW/ 70PK for normal manure. And 58kW/ 80PK for thick manure.

Fan 3-bladed, 560 mm.


Mixer is always available.

Large capacity, which means the lagoon can be mixed in a short amount of time.

Low maintenance.

No installed power supply required.

The entire silo is mixed with an adjustable mixer tunnel.

A manure pump is not needed for mixing.

SFS Lagoon mixer

The SFS Lagoon mixer has a large capacity. It is powered by power take-off from a tractor or by means of an electric motor. The SFS Lagoon mixer was developed especially for foil lagoons with a floating cover. The mixer with fan is housed in a reinforced stainless steel frame, which means that the floating cover cannot be sucked into the mixer. The mixer tunnel is equipped with a conical outflow, which strengthens the thrusting motion of the tunnel even more. The outflow direction can be adjusted easily in a corner of approximately 30°, by way of an operating handle at the top.


The mixer can be installed in a new or existing lagoon. The mixer is attached to two concrete slabs. The fan head is attached to a heavy concrete slab at the bottom of the lagoon and the drive side is secured to a smaller concrete slab on the dyke's pinnacle. The floating cover can then be pulled across the entire frame. A ramp must be built alongside the dyke, where the tractor can be positioned to drive the mixer.


We are one of the few suppliers with a Kiwa / Komo certificate for our systems. This is achieved in accordance with Eurocode. You can locate our certificates on the Kiwa website under BRL 2342.

Everything under one roof

Working with our own assembly team or assembly under supervision, and using a supporting committee for the application of building permits and / or environmental notifications. We relieve you of all your concerns!

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